Peter Kerwood

Joining the social media conversation – connect, communicate, co-operate and collaborate

Trend watch in this months edition of Event Magazine on social networking Find your wings, or get left behind by David Quainton explains how many in the event industry are reaping the rewards by staying in close contact with peers and customers using online social networking tools.

Social media is all about THE CONVERSATION.  By following the key principals of listening, learning and sharing you can build mutually beneficial relationships to reach professional and personal goals and ACTUALLY do business.

The Brewery’s managing director Maria Duddin uses Twitter to connect on a deep level with potential customers that she would never otherwise have met which frequently leads to face-to-face meetings and sales.

Sledge commercial director Ian Irving tells me Twitter and his personal blog is now driving more traffic to his company web site than Google and is generating serious business opportunities as a result.

Simon Burton managing director of Exposure Event Creations who launched niche business network EventCrowd says that many deals are done as a direct result of the site including two recently totalling £500K.   

David’s article includes a list I put together that show the business benefits of social networking. I’ve created a visual guide to accompany this list. Together I hope they demonstrate how social media can be used to connect, communicate, co-operate and collaborate.

Download this visual guide here
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Got a question? It’s very likely someone somewhere has the answer
Share your ideas with others, see what they think and gain valuable feedback
Find what others are saying about a product or article you are interested in
Teach, learn and interact with likeminded people
Research information on a company or product
Brainstorm and collaborate (crowdsource)
Use Twitter as a tool to stay current on breaking news and events

Customer service
Use Twitter and Facebook to communicate events and special offers
Use Twitter to update customers and provide solutions or information in real time
Develop one-on-one relationships with customers
Use Twitter and Facebook to conduct polls and surveys to help you offer a better service
Use social networking to humanize your business

Use social networking sites to send traffic between other social networking platforms that directs traffic to your website or blog
Interesting or helpful content can be easily passed on to others using social media which helps your content go viral
User driven content sites such as Digg, and StumbleUpon provide huge increases in traffic to your website or blog

Build personal relationships with customers as people are more likely to buy from someone they know and trust
Connect with peers and like minded people
Participate in conversations, help out others and become an active participant
By helping others you create ‘social currency’ which can be used to leverage your brand from one platform to another allows you to create your own social groups – there are 4.062 listed under events including EventCrowd
Professional networking sites include LinkedIn, Xing and Ziggs
Directories allow you to find and connect with people on social networking sites for events try

Business Management
Utilize social networking sites as a tool to see who is talking about your business
Track positive and negative experiences to improve business performance
Utilise social networking sites to update or make announcements
Use sites such as Twitter and Facebook as an intranet system to remind colleagues of meetings and make announcements

  • William Bicknell

    Peter, thanks to you I am actually beginning to understand Twitter and how iit can benefit me, now I just need to re-arrange my life to dedicate the time needed to update it an dget involved in all the other digital opportunities that you have highlighted.

  • Peter Kerwood

    William – when you know something is working (driving more web traffic than Google, creating sales opportunities and making the phone ring) you find the time, especially as in most cases it costs zilch.